How to select Microscope

Euromex has hundreds of wide range of Microscopes. Inorder to make an easy selection, we hereby briefly list out major parameters for selection.

Type of Object

What is the general object being put under scrutiny? Is it transparent or opaque. If it is opaque a microscope with projection from underneath will not be suitable since light will not pass through the object. Based on this criteria, the type and models will be entirely different.


The contract of your specimen is high contrast or no contrast?


What is the magnification required by you? Based on your requirement, you can select different lenses from our wide range of collection


What is the type of illumination required by you? Do you require LED illumination or halogen illumination? Most of our models come with latest LED type illuminations

Viewer type

Do you require Monocular, Binocular or Trinocular models?


Do you require a camera to be mounted for viewing and recording?

Customers can use our online tool for easy selection.

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