Biological microscopes

For biology and bio-sciences biological microscopes are used to observe animal and botanical micro-organisms, cells and tissues with translucent light (diascopic) or incident light (epi-illumination) with magnifcations from 20x up to 1000x. These types of microscopes can be monocular, binocular or trinocular. One can make a choice between brightfield, darkfield, phasecontrast, polarisation and fluorescence versions


Euromex Oxion seriesbiological-microsope-oxion-uae

The Euromex Oxion microscopes are pre-eminently microscopes of the higher segment for Exact- and Life Sciences. Equipped with high resolution Plan and Apo-chromatic objectives for bright field, dark field, phase contrast and fluorescence applications

Euromex F/G seriesbiological-microsope-FG-series

The classical F/G series microscopes are commonly used in the higher segment for Exact and Life Science applications and routine research. Excellent Semi-Plan and Plan objectives for bright field and phase contrast


Novex B seriesbiological-microsope-Novex-b-series

The application fields for the B series are the biosciences and the veterinary diagnostic investigation. This series is also a multifunctional microscope for high schools and universities (bright and dark field, phase contrast)



Euromex BioBluebiological-microsope-bioblue

The beautiful stylish design of the BioBlue series stands out among all other microscopes of this kind. It has been especially designed for biology classes of educational institutes


Euromex EcoBlue


The EcoBlue series are specifically designed for education purposes for limited budgets


Euromex X series


The X series microscopes are solid microscopes for secondary schools thanks to the excellent optics and mechanics. The eyepieces are secured and the microscopes have a sample protetion mechanism



Euromex C seriesbiological-microsope-C-series

The C series microscopes are used for over 25 years in biology classes of secondary schools. The microscopes are known as solid and with excellent optics and mechanism



Novex SH45 seriesbiological-microsope-SH45-series

The SH-45 and SH-45 LED microscopes are excellent monocular microscopes for secondary schools with adjustable LED or 10 watt halogen illuminations and X-Y translation stage




Novex FL100 seriesbiological-microsope-FL100-series

The FL-100 monoculaire microscopes are basic models for secondary schools. Equipped with three objectives


Novex µSmartbiological-microsope-uSmart-series

The µSmart is a compact binocular microscope. Very popular with amateurs and students with limited budgets



Novex Junior LEDbiological-microsope-Junior-LED

Small biological microscope with LED illumination and rechargeable batteries is a ideal microscope for the primary school and as introduction to the biology. The microscope can be used outdoors



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